Parcel Tracking Solutions
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Inbound Parcel Tracking
Automatically generate labels that contain all the necessary delivery and routing
information. Just scan, print and deliver. Rugged hand held computers read inbound
package tracking numbers,identify the carrier,date and time stamp receipts; plus
count,record, and verify all packages as they are received.

A Simple, Speedy, Customizable Process.

WITS allows you to define your workflow and processes. Here is an outline of a typical WITS Receiving scenario performed in a mail center:

Verify - with WITS you can Verify that the count of items you are receiving is correct at the point of receipt from the carrier or courier service.

Input - With WITS you can Input the item to the final destination or recipient to calculate delivery route and help sort your items for delivery. A delivery route
label may be printed.
Manifest or Batch - Users have the option to batch items on a manifest for batch deliveries. Saves users time when delivering many items to one place or
Delivery - Items are delivered to various recipients and locations. Digital signatures are obtained for proof of delivery using handheld computers.
Mail Accounting and Shipping Software
Shipping Software
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FP's Mail Center Manager is our multi-carrier software
solution designed to tackle your most demanding mail room
and shipping automation tasks. "Ease of use" is the primary
characteristic of this software. With powerful features such as
multiple shipper support (
USPS, UPS Online, FedEx,
DHL…), interface with your FP postage meter, interface with
the Spectrum scale, charge back accounts or departments,
differential weighing, and the ability to network multiple
systems, place this system above the rest in the industry.
Lowers shipping cost in several ways!
Our technology team has developed the
best touch screen set-up in the industry.
Postage Tracking Software
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Mail Accounting Software
WINN SOLUTIONS' most current software version which includes a custom
report writer function, enhanced mobility, a built-in screen reader and is
compliant with the American Rehabilitation Act adhering to all Section 508
requirements. WITS is also certified with 256 Bit Digital Security and
Verisign Encryption.

WINN Solutions is known for developing the FIRST hosted, web-based
tracking solution: Winn Item Tracking System. The WITS Item Tracking and
Reporting System for internal accountable items (mail, packages,assets,
files, records management etc ), creates accountability throughout the
entire process from receipt to delivery.

This fully-functional 508 application complies with regulations to assist
those with disabilities in need of accessibility expanding opportunities and
offering Government Funded Organizations the option to implement an
Inbound Tracking System that creates efficiency, accountability and
reduces mailroom costs. Many companies today are following government
policies in creating 508 compliant solutions (web sites, applications etc) to
meet their customers' needs.

WITS AT was designed from the ground up to meet and exceed the
requirements in section 508. The National Industries for the Blind (NIB)
assisted us with testing and provided feedback so we could enhance the
assistive technologies in WITS AT. Plus we have gone beyond the basic
Section 508 requirements and included a built in Screen Reader that
utilizes Microsoft Voice technology. Most PC users that require Assistive
Technology use 3rd party screen reader programs such as JAWS. That is
an expensive program that costs about $1100 per user plus about $500
per user for annual maintenance & upgrades. JAWS also reads a lot of
extra information to users that can interrupt their productivity on the PC.
WITS AT includes a screen reader plus we have designed it to read
specific information to the user so they can be more productive. Finally the
client benefits by having one vendor to support their software.
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