FP Mailing Solutions
MAILQUICK provides durable, modular mail and document furniture
solutions that are engineered for today’s ever-changing work
environment, making it possible to easily convert any surface into a
productive document and mail station. Our furniture is manufactured with
the highest quality precision molded components, making it incredibly
durable. Compact and affordable, MAILQUICK furniture is guaranteed to
provide day-to-day performance ordinary steel equipment simply can’t
handle. The difference is in the details. MAILQUICK furniture is
ergonomically designed to reduce eyestrain and offer easy reach and
height adjustability, while delivering functional support and stylish
appeal. Available in beautiful designer colors that are sure to
complement any décor, our flexible work stations will stimulate and
support the professional work attitude vital to mail center morale and
productivity. Backed by a lifetime warranty,MAILQUICK furniture is high-
performance efficiency in a class by itself.
Meter Table -
QUICK Meter Tables offer a professional appearance plus a functional scale
platform and open or closed storage base. The adjustable shelving and sliding
doors facilitate organization and convenience necessary for an active workplace.
MAILQUICK Meter Tables ship fully assembled for fast setup and easily relocate
when necessary.
Adjustable Riser -
Choose from a variety of desktop Risers to provide a work surface above the
meter and keep the desktop unobstructed for maximum productivity and
efficient use of space. Available up to four bins wide,
easily adjust height flexibility for ease of use and offer unlimited options and
sizes for cabling and processing needs.
Hinged Door Table-
with Work Surface Ideal for the Jetmail system, our heavy duty hinged-door
table will easily convert any space into a productive work area. Shipped
assembled,installation is quick and simple.
MAILQUICK hinged-door tables
are available with range of standard interior components that include easy-to-
change and adjust hanging files, shelves, dividers, drawers, doors and
backs— all interchangeable on demand.
Expand or change your workstations as needed with our fully-scalable sorters.
MAILQUICK Sorters are delivered with a built-in mounting base that will attach to any
surface to instantly create workstations organized to meet your specific needs. The
flexible bins will accommodate flat sort trays or vertical dividers, readily adapting to your
preferred mail-sorting or document management system. Modular backs come solid or
transparent to improve visibility and are easy to re-adjust whenever needed. Plus, the
easy, effective color-coding system will ensure maximum speed and sort accuracy.
Modular Systems
With these truly modular mail and document systems, MAILQUICK offers a furniture
solution that will fit even our largest
MAILQUICK meter. With such a wide range of
options, it is easy to configure the exact components you will need to fit your
environment and your budget. Backed by a lifetime warranty,
furniture provides unlimited flexibility in stylish designs that will complement any decor,
while creating an efficient document and mail station solution customized for your
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